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Cancer Support

As many as 85% of cancer patients take nutritional supplements to manage the side effects of treatment

Cancer treatments can often impact the immune system, reduce appetite, and cause fatigue, neuropathy, diarrhea or weight loss. It is easier to address these adverse impacts before they occur rather than afterwards.

How Can Supplements Help Fight Cancer?

By making informed decisions and choosing only the best supplements to aid your body’s fight against cancer, US Wellness products can help:

  • Improve treatment outcomes when treatment is combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet plan.
  • Support a healthy balance of inflammatory chemicals in your body. There is an association between inflammation, cancer, and increased side effects.
  • Improve blood sugar/glucose metabolism. One studyˆ  found that when glucose metabolism is higher and fasting blood sugar is lower, the risk for breast cancer recurrence is reduced.

Can't Other Supplements Do This?

The combination of ingredients used in our nutritional supplements are specifically developed to target your metabolic health.  For example, Thorne never uses magnesium stearate, a flowing agent commonly used in supplement manufacturing that might inhibit proper absorption in the body.

You need your body to be at its best when facing the fight of your life. Don’t settle for cheap knockoff supplements.

ˆ Calip G, Malone K, Gralow J, et al. Metabolic syndrome and outcomes following early-stage breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res Treat 2014;148(2):363-377.