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Our Mission

US Wellness bridges the gap between Asia and the best of American healthcare.

We do this primarily by offering natural-based products that adhere to the highest standards of United States manufacturing and quality control. US Wellness carefully selects product partners to ensure these standards are met.

One such partner is Thorne, who has a 30-year track record of unmatched quality when it comes to ingredients, manufacturing, testing, and environmental stewardship. It’s why Thorne products are trusted by U.S. National Teams, UFC and families around the world. Our exclusive partnership with Thorne is just one of the many ways we are bringing the best of American healthcare to Asia.

Johnny Nguyen, CEO of US Wellness
Johnny Nguyen

Veteran, Businessman & Dreamer

Born in Vietnam, Johnny Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American citizen who started his career in healthcare as a US combat medic. He has over 30 years experience in the fields of business and healthcare. Nguyen was inspired to found US Wellness after many travels back to birth country, where he realized there were limited natural healthcare options available compared to the United States. Nguyen dreamed of bringing these options back to his native Vietnam so that everyone could experience the benefits of trusted, high quality American healthcare at home.

It’s been a long journey, years in the making, to make this dream a reality. US Wellness has undertaken a grueling process to achieve proper government approvals while selecting only the best partners and products to bring to the region. This hard work has paid off, as US Wellness is now operating in all of Asia and is poised for explosive growth.